Retreat Leaders

Siona Rea
Light Worker, Medium, Channeler, Master of Holistic Healing, Master of Wisdom, Spiritual Teacher, Universe Solar Teacher, Master of 100% Light, Therapist and Inventor.

Siona Rea (sl/bs/engl.)

Being born with abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience Sionas channel to the spiritual world and her consciousness of who she really was were always opened. Conscious communication with beings in any other dimensions has been normal and natural to her since she was very little.

Siona is a carrier and transmitter of 100% Light on the planet. She is not only a powerful healer and spiritual teacher, but also a specialist of true ancient history on the planet and therefor a specialist according to the Pyramids of Bosnia, the Pyramids of Egypt, the sacred places in India and elsewhere around the planet.

She will support YOU with all her power, wisdom and compassion to connect with the power of your heart, your true inner core self and with your true purpose on the planet. 

Siona now lives and works in Visoko/Bosnia next to the Bosnian Pyramids and at the Holistic Center Manas in Ljubljana/Slovenia (founded by her) with her husband Leon Levstik.

Leon Levstik (sl/bs/engl.)

Leons passion and joy about life, about truth and walking in the 100% Light made him step into his true purpose on this planet as a powerful light-worker, master of holistic healing, spiritual teacher, medium and inventor.

As a carrier of wisdom, love & light Leon will support YOU with all his strength and compassion to reconnect with who you really are and find your deep inner self.

He is fulfilling one of his true hearts desire by guiding people for deep spiritual transformation at the most sacred places on the planet those as Bosnia, Egypt and India.

Leon lives and works in Visoko/Bosnia next to the Bosnian Pyramids and at the ‘Manas Holistic Center’ Ljubljana/Slovenia.