Welcome to ESOTERIC TRIPS – Where you travel differently and find yourself


Life-Changing Retreats at the Top 10 Most Powerful and Sacred Places on our beloved planet GAIA.

Are you a spiritual person who is profoundly interested to walk the path of inner transformation for a new, higher consciousness of Humanity, our Planet and Yourself than join us for a Once In A Lifetime Retreat.

With Esoteric Trips you travel to places that have been created for transformation and consciousness jumps/leaps. You travel to places that have been already expecting you. You travel to places that have sent a call to your soul that the time is up for the next big step.

With Esoteric Trips you travel surrounded by the wisdom, love and care of experienced, compassionate retreat leaders that truly care for you and your path on this planet.

Come and reconnect with what and who you really are and fulfill your true purpose on this planet.

∞ UNVEIL your Heart.

∞ EMPOWER your Soul.

EMBODY your divine light energy.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!