Answer the call of the Pyramid and join us for a
Life-Changing transformational retreat. 

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The power of the hidden wisdom of the

Pyramids of Bosnia

If you are a spiritual person who is ready for a Supersize – Speed – Shift of Conciousness
at an interdimensional sacred place that was built for Initiation, Transformation and Healing,
than join us for a Life-Changing Retreat at the Pyramids of Bosnia.

Sitting on the top of the oldest, largest and most powerful Pyramid of the Planet

…in a circle of loving people who surround you, as your sound is melting with the sound of the Pyramid and the sound of all beings present. Your heart is expanding as you connect with the core of the Pyramid. Slowly you realize a sacred energy flowing through you from the bottom of the Pyramid up, and up, and further up to the source of everything.

You have the deepest sense that you are connected with this Pyramid in a way that is far beyond your mind.

This is the magic of the hidden secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids.

And there is so much more…

  • The breathtaking silence in the healing chambers of the underground tunnels ‘Ravne’
  • The deeply nourishing energy of the Pyramid of Moon
  • The all-embracing vibration of the Pyramid of Love
  • The mysterious stone spheres
  • The live open air Meditation Sound Concert at the Tumulus
  • The call of the dragon

Welcome to a life-changing re-empowering retreat!

Craving for a
spiritual breakthrough

and a boost of


If you feel attracted to the Pyramids of Bosnia, they are most probably sending a call to your soul that the time has come to take the next big step in your ascension.

Spirit needs you – you make the difference.

Centre yourself even stronger inside your heart portal that is the true connection to who you really are. Renew the reconnection with your genuine nature and feel with gratitude about who you are and what you have achieved in your life.

Empower your soul and recognize how powerful your gifts are. Get clear about how YOU will be able to let your Soul live and act through you. Your soul is eager to work through you and longs to create miracles your life.

This retreat is life-changing.

Embody your true divine light and allow the next big step in your life. Identify and remove your strongest personal barriers that are not allowing you to live a life beyond your dreams. 

Get clear about what’s next in your life and be empowered to do it.
Be prepared to have your ‘old you’ be gone.

Why the Bosnian Pyramids?

Thousands and thousands of years ago, civilizations that our science knows nothing about, created the Pyramids of Bosnia.

Two of these Pyramids – the Pyramid of Sun and the Pyramid of Moon – are taller than the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt. Fossil discoveries has shown that this pyramid complex is more than 30.000 years old. Therefore the Pyramids of Bosnia are the biggest and oldest Pyramids on the planet.

Even more, miles and miles of underground tunnels with outstanding phenomena and powerful healing chambers run under the Valley of the Pyramids.

Now the time has come, for the Pyramids of Bosnia to hand out the secrets and knowledge to those who hear the call. These secrets have been covered for many thousands of years.

With every step you take you will walk on the sacred and holy ground that is saturaded with the wisdom and energy of long forgotten civilizations to be unveiled for you in the only existing reality of the HERE and NOW and within a multidimensional field that is instantly connecting you with the Omniverse.

Are you willing to open your heart and receive initiations that are waiting just for you? While you feel guided and protected by your experienced group leaders, the energies and spirits of the Pyramids and loving of birds of a feather being around you.

Expect an uplifting transformation that lasts forever.

Why is this retreat for YOU?

Simply because this is THE PERFECT PLACE for the support and guidance YOU need NOW.

You never know what is happening when you visit the Pyramids of Bosnia. This place owns a secret wisdom and is conscious of every single being walking on the ground of the Valley of the Pyramids.

The Pyramids are sending a call to humanity to remember what they are here for. They are eager to give their wisdom, love and power to every single being who is saying ‘Yes’ and hears the call.

Why not use this powerful wisdom for YOU?

This place was built for creating energy, this place was built for healing and transformation, this place was built for communication with your deepest inside. This place was built for coming home.

This place was built for higher consciousness and to receive the knowledge, strength and courage to be and do what you came for.

NOW is the time.
If you answer the call you will be able to use this sacret powerful wisdom for YOU!

And how about the Fun-part?

Oh definitely yes!

This place is absolutely perfect to nourish your heart and soul at all levels.

You will meet beautiful people from all around the planet, learn about a new culture by experiencing the tremendous hospitality of the Bosnian People.

You will enjoy delicious food and inspiring talks with interesting people.

While you sit outside and soak the warmth of the sun you will take a look at  the mysterious ‘hills’ around you.

You can’t help but smile and sigh for the deep peace and calmness within this vibrating field of the Pyramids.



There is no need to do things alone anymore.

Now it is the time for all of us to find our true family.

How exciting whom you are going to meet in Bosnia!?

What a Journey!

The Pyramid of Sun

The Bosnian Pyramid of Sun is a Pyramid of Superlatives. It is the biggest, oldest and most powerful Pyramid on the planet.

The frequency of the Pyramid of Sun represents the male energy.

Mysterious measurements have been made around it and tons of high quality ancient concrete have been discovered under the soil on the exterior of the pyramid. An electromagnetic beam (28 kHz) coming from the bottom of the Pyramid is constantly radiating trough the top into the Universe. It is becoming stronger and stronger the higher you go.

This frequency corresponds to the frequency that the famous inventor Nikola Tesla has discovered and announced to ‘communicate with the starts’.

Could it be, that the Pyramid of Sun is a system to communicate with the Universe and Omniverse? Or even a transportation system? Well, there a many reports about about Ufo sightings in the valley of the Bosnian pyramids.

These and many more secrets are hidden as regards the Pyramid of Sun.

Come and find out while you sit on the top of it within this unique energy beam.

The sound of our toning meditation lifts you up to different worlds as you receive the power, strength and courage to fulfill the mission you came for.

What a treat!
What a homecoming!
What a celebration!

We shall visit the official excavations on the Pyramid of Sun (tour guide Bosn./Engl./Ger.), go to the top for a meditation and have a lunch at the plateau within all these energies.

The Pyramid of Moon

While hiking to the top of the Pyramid of Moon you can feel the energy changing with every step you take. It is a gentle, all-embracing energy, so soft and so powerful at the same time.

You see the ancient stones under your feet and wonder who might have walked here thousands of years ago.

The frequency of the Pyramid of Moon represents the female energy.

Opon the arrival a magical garden is awaiting for you and there we have another delicious lunch under the trees.

As we step into our group sound meditation the connection to the core of the Pyramid of Moon gets deeper and deeper and we receive the blessings of this sacred place. In the shadow of trees we gently expand our hearts, our everything and let the nourishing energies move us, widen us, synchronize us for a deeper and deeper understanding of our true nature and our real home.

The Bosnian Pyramid of Moon is also taller than the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt.
How exiting.

Let your heart and soul be touched and transformed.

You will see the excavations on the Pyramid of Moon, have a delicious lunch under the trees and will be a part of a stunning group toning meditation in nature. All locations can be reached either by car or foot.

The Pyramid Of Love

As you sit under the trees on the top of another mysterious ‘hill’ – the Pyramid Of Love – you can see the top of the Pyramid of Sun which is only 200 meters away.

The air seems to vibrate, the soil beneath you is hiding a very old secret and the sun is touching your face in a quite different way.

A gentle breeze is blowing through your hair. Is it really a breeze? Or is it the Flow of Love surrounding you like an all-embracing ribbon.


It matters for you AND it matters for the world. LOVE needs to be carried and lived through people, through you. It needs to become a living reality full of action and materialized knowledge. One being stepping fully into the Love and into the 100% Light can make all the difference on our planet.

YOU can make all the difference.

We shall have a meditation in nature and let the vibrant energies lift ourselves to the highest frequencies of love, compassion and gratitude.

The Pyramid of Dragon

Dearest beings,
long time ago the Dragons came into this universe bringing wisdom, light and peace to create beauty and life within the 100% Light. 
And for the honor of the One Creator of everything. Still this Dragon energy is the carrier of Light and Peace and Wisdom of the One Creator of everything.

You may only know a little about us. But we are here to support you. We are here to love you, we are here to bring the wisdom of the Creator to all the hearts willing to receive it. Blessed are these times for so many beings on this planet start to awake.

Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Keep on going. Go. Further and further, deeper and deeper. Into the everything, into the Oneness, into the Light. Into the 100% Light. Let your heart be touched by these words. Invite us into your life again for we are eager to support you, we are longing to bring the Light you are waiting for. Before you came into this lifetime we had an appointment. We talked about connecting from both sides, you would be on the planet and we would be here. Together we open the channel from both sides so that we are going to be able to bring Light and Wisdom through You to the planet and to the human beings. The time has come to open this channel. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.

Gentle is our touch, gently we are coming to you, asking to open the door. Let your heart be the door. Don’t let any emotions of pain, sorrow or fear stop you to open your heart, to open the door. We know it’s hard sometimes. We Know. But if you only go through it you will find the purest light beyond it. You will find our loving, gentle carrying arms that will bring you to what you came here for. To do so. If you only let us. Say Yes! Ahhhh….Say Yes! We are indeed ONE. Your heart is our heart. Our heart is your heart.

As it was and is and always will be. ONE. Say Yes and let us do so.
How it was meant to be done. Say Yes. Say Yes.

We love you beyond words and time and space.

The underground tunnels “Ravne”

It’s getting more and more mysterious and adventurous.

Miles and miles of underground tunnels with unexplored phenomena and powerful healing chambers are running through the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. The evening meditation in darkness in one of this chambers might be one of the highlights of your trip. You will feel closer than ever to the core of the Pyramid of Sun which from now on will be a guiding companion for strength and courage in your life and a connection with your true home.

You will learn how to connect with the Pyramid whenever you need it!

Who built these tunnels? How is it possible that there is a constant temperature of 12°C / 53°F  both in the summer and in the winter and a constant oxygen concentration no matter how deep you go? 

Have you ever heard about negative ions?
They can be measured in the air. The more negative ions are in the air, the more healthy the place is.

City 200 – 600 neg.ions/ccm
Forest 6000-8000 neg.ions/ccm
Special healing or power spots 12.000 neg.ions/ccm
Tunnel ‘Ravne’ 18.000 – 195.000 neg.ions/ccm

And there are so many mystical Orbs waiting to say ‘hello’. You most probably will catch them on your camera.

Let’s not forget the Outstanding Bovis Energy. There are measurements of more than 45.000 Bovis inside the tunnels. (‘Bovis’ is the unit for life energy itself.) And on the top of all these there is the tunnel healing water analysed and photographed by the famous Dr. Masaru Emoto who has unveiled an astonishing water crystal.

We shall do a night meditation in darkness and an official tour during the day, when you will get all the latest news about the archaeological discoveries (tour guide Bosn./Engl./Ger.) The tunnels are well equipped (light, information signs etc.). Along the corridors you can walk straight.

The Tumulus

Now it is your turn to enjoy a live open – air Sound Mediation Concert on the top of the Tumulus. Singing Bowls, Gong, Monochord, Voice and Drums for our group only.

A sound bath for a deep relaxation and healing with professional musicians and soundchannelers.

The Tumulus is an artificial conical hill, 5 km from the pyramid site. It is made of megalithic blocks, clay and ancient concrete. Some of the blocks reach a mass of more than 10 tons. Georadar screenings showed underground tunnels and core drillings unveiled a hollow inner space. Everybody is so curious about what might be inside.

Do you want to know?

Electromagnetic phenomena similar to those on the Pyramid of Sun were discovered. An energy beam of 28 kHz at the top of the Tumulus. A communication with stars again? (Remember Nikola Tesla)

By the way…
The acoustics for our open air concert are absolutely stunning. 

And very soon you will have the impression that the music is not only created by the instruments and people who are present.

You will experience a deeply relaxing and healing live open-air concert. And you will receive all the official informations about the archaeological excarvations… and unofficial ones too:).

The Stone Sphere Park in Zavidovi

Dozens of mysterious carved stone spheres were discovered in a forest in Zavidovi, about 90 minutes by car from the Bosnian Pyramids. They are quite similar to those in Costa Rica and other places around the planet. Except they are the biggest ever discovered.

Another magical spot with hidden spiritual secrets.

Why spiritual? Well, the stone spheres radiate and create an immense electromagnetic field around them which exhibits healing properties. It will charge every cell of your physical body and every part of your energetic bodies. 

Curious who have created these spheres and what purpose they served for?

Ohhhhh – and again you will indulge in marvellous fresh food! Lunch is awaiting us in a place surrounded by forest, spheres and beautiful people. Yummy…

This is a day trip to the stone sphere forest in Zavidovi with a meditation in nature, recharging, wondering and a home-made lunch in the forest.

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What’s included:

  • Seven nights in the accommodation of your choice
  • Seven delicious breakfasts and six homemade healthy lunches at different beautiful outdoor locations
  • Welcome and farewell dinners at the restaurant in Visoko well known for fresh and domestic food.
  • All ground transportations according to the trip programme
  • Transport from and to the Sarajevo Airport (30 minutes by car)
  • Entrances & guides for the tunnels “Ravne” and official archeological excavation sites
  • Meditations on the Pyramids of Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love and in the Stone Sphere Forest.
  • Night Meditation in the underground “Ravne” tunnels
  • Live Open Air Sound Concert on the top of “Tumulus hill”
  • Enough time to feel and soak up all the special energies, to enjoy and recharge

What’s not included:

  • Your journey to Visoko and back home by plane
    (Sarajevo airport), car or bus
  • Five dinners
    (we are happy to give you recommendations)
  • Any alcoholic drinks
    (expect some extra ‘special spirits’ for free after the lunch on the Pyramid of Moon 🙂
  • Any extra ground transportations that are
    not included in the trip programme
    (taxi, etc…)
  • Any souvenir shopping like crystals, stones, textiles etc..
  • Health and accident insurance (which is obligatory)
    and a trip cancellation insurance
  • Tips to our guides, drivers or room maids, etc…
    (you will be given some recommendations)


You should arrive in Visoko by 6pm.

Our wellcome dinner starts at 7pm on the first evening. If you travel by plane, please make sure that you arrive at Sarajevo Airport latest by 5pm. There is a 30 minute drive to Visoko.


On the last day of your trip you can leave Visoko at any time you want. 

You might have to leave your accommodation after breakfast (depending on the accommodation arrangement). But there are plenty of beautiful spots to spend your time and we will help with the luggage. Please notice that on the departure day only the breakfast is included.

Extend your journey:

If you want to come earlier or stay longer we are happy to support your decision. By the way, Bosnia is absolutely amazing! You will find nature that takes your breath away, beautiful old cities full of culture and history, famous Bosnian hospitality, delicious food and Visoko is quite close to the Croatian seaside (few hours by car).

The Food

Let’s start with this – we LOVE fresh and healthy delicious food.

And this is exactly what you will get during ALL of our retreats!

Bosnia is still a very natural country as regards food. Most of the products are organic and local. Vegetables, fruit, fresh fish, organic meat and ‘domestic’ ‘family style food’. Some of the meals will be prepared in open fireplaces especially for our group. We will indulge ourselves in outdoor lunches under the trees and in a magical garden.

Don’t forget the breathtaking views and yummy deserts.
(The chocolate cake at our welcome or farewell dinner is a must!)

Ahhh…. and you don’t wanna miss a typical famous ‘dzezva-style’ Bosnian Coffe.
You can expect a variety of very special ‘spirits’ that are waiting for you. Bosnia is an ‘Eldorado’ for supporters of first class home-made Schnapps. 🙂

Any special needs? Vegetarian, vegan, gluten – free etc.? No problem at all!

We are happy to take care of your diet.

And on top, there are water sources in Visoko with spring water that is flowing straight from the Pyramids. So prepare your drink bottles. And Yes – the water has been tested. It’s pure, delicious high frequency healing water.

You will love it!

The Bonuses!

We care about you. Additionally you’ll receive:

+  A Pre–Journey Group Call (online) – where you can ask all your questions, meet everyone in the group and get informations how to prepare for the retreat.

+  Access to our Private Retreat Facebook Group – to connect before and after the journey, ask questions, get the latest retreat informations and of course share our pictures!

+  A Post–Journey Group Call (online) – to connect after our retreat and help to integrate what we’ve learned

+  Access to the Post Retreat Training Programs – reserved for a limited number of people and exclusively for our retreat participants.

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